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The Free Bridge is a three-quarter dial. The dial's top is dominated with the barrel skeletonised, which is held in place by a V shaped bridge fixed by a ruby. This barrel has a cool feature: you can see the mainspring and tell how much wind is in your watch by simply looking at it. A second bridge is also integrated into the dial to support the cannon hands and pinion. Just under this bridge, slightly to the left, is a seconds-wheel that drives a blue silicone escape wheel which is also mounted on another small bridge.replica franck muller watches This escape wheel is in contact with the silicon anchor which drives the proprietary massive balance wheel fixed to the Neo Bridge at 6 o'clock. Balance wheel made from silicon, shaped as a bridge. It is free-sprung and uses opposable weights to regulate. Sigatech is a company that specializes in the manufacture of silicon parts including escapements. This expertise benefits franck muller replica watches and its sister brand Ulysse Nardin.

The Constant Escapement Watch was the first time franck muller replica watches established its own reputation for silicon technology. A buckled blade and spring loaded balance wheel powered every single impulse to the balance, allowing the watch to be completely independent of the mainspring torque variation as it unwound. In the new Free Bridge, the silicon technology is once again used to create an innovative and dynamic design for the oscillator. Pruniaux: "The Free Bridge is a nod to the design of the three bridges, but it also has its own design and affirms our position as a leader in silicon innovation." The watch is a perfect expression of franck muller replica watches’s spirit of constant horological innovation and pursuit of excellence.

Infinity Edition: The Free Bridge movement beats at 4Hz, is self-winding and will be available in two versions - one in DLC treated steel with an Onyx dial. The 44mm diameter watch is available. The Free Bridge Infinity Edition costs CHF 19,410 and the Free Bridge Watch is priced at CHF 16,250.


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The 1966 Infinity 30mm

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The Infinity 40mm 1966

For 2020, two versions of the 1966 are available, both in 40mm and 30mm sizes, with onyx dials. The 1966 is a Zen-style watch that I've worn when I want to achieve a mental calm. This has, let's be honest, been a major priority in the past few months. One of the ways I counteract the sensory overload of news is to turn off the television and gaze at the grand feu dial of my white gold 1966. The onyx dials of these two watches transport you to a serene state.Replica Patek Philippe Watches This state can also be achieved by drinking multiple negronis. Pruniaux says that these watches are an excellent example of what he was talking about earlier: discreet, understated timepieces with a depth due to the use of onyx. This kind of perfection can only be achieved in a black dial by using onyx or grand feu enamel.

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