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The globe on the left represents terrestrial time, while the globe to the right represents sidereal.

The watch case is another innovative feature of this model. It borrows many elements from the award-winning Girard Perregaux Constant Escapement. The sapphire is a boxed, dome-shaped crystal with a pronounced edge. It also has no crowns or adjustors. On the back, there are four keys: one to adjust the celestial and terrestrial globes, one to set the time, and one wind the watch. The setting mechanism, which is based on four rotating bows, is known as "belieres".replica chopard watches It is also similar to the old pocket watches. Pruniaux says, "We chose titanium for the case to optimize the wearability of the watch. We also incorporated all these innovative functional features."

The Cosmos Infinity Edition is limited to eight pieces and costs CHF 274,000.

Free Bridge

Girard's La Esmeralda Tourbillon With Three Gold Bridges

The TOURBILLON with THREE BRIDS from chopard replica watches is one of the most iconic movements within horology. This movement was first designed in 1860 for a pocket watch tourbillon. It is a masterwork of form and functionality. The movement's unique blueprint is as follows: Three bridges are arranged horizontally and each one is symmetrical both in terms of length and width. The top bridge holds the barrel while the middle bridge holds the cannon-pinion. Finally, the bridge at the bottom houses the tourbillon. The logic behind the transfer of energy from the bridges to the third wheel, which is the wheel that takes center stage on the watch under the hands and engages the pinion in the tourbillon cage for the escape wheel to rotate around the fixed 4th wheel, is astounding. The gear train is arranged on an axis that is perfectly vertical,omega replica watches so it is easy to see the energy transfer to the balance wheel and tourbillon. This amazing microcosm shows the history of mechanical clocks.

The tourbillon movement with three bridges is one of chopard replica watches’s most popular and enduring movements. It has also evolved into a canvas to express yourself. A Laureato with sapphire-bridged dials has been a favorite of collectors like Auro Montanari, aka John Goldberger. Montanari purchased a watch that was previously owned by renowned retailer Laurent Picciotto. The Quasar light, a three-bridges movement with a transparent sapphire casing and three sapphire bridges, was revealed in February 2020. The sapphire bridges of this watch were inspired by the Neo Bridges which turned the three-bridges design into a curvilinear masterwork. Pruniaux explains, "We've been thinking for some time about how we could apply the Neo Bridge technology to a watch which was less expensive than a Tourbillon but was also innovative and visually stimulating. Our new Free Bridge is the result.

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