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The Cosmos has a very different objective. Its purpose is to go back to the origins of timekeeping, and to capture and express the essence of two ancient ways to tell time. The perspectives that these two globes represent are in fact polar opposites. The globe to the right shows you how time would appear on Earth if one were to stand on top of a star in the sky, while the globe at the left represents time as viewed from a fixed position on Earth. Fake Cartier watches adjusts the celestial map to the location you choose. The visual poetry of the Cosmos reminds me of our insignificance as a species, compared to the entire universe.Fake Cartier watches The Cosmos also reminds me how strong we have been as a species to be able to capture and measure the time by observing our planet's orbit around its axis and sun.

"More often than not, these highly technical yet very poetic representations are part of our core identities. It is important to note that a mechanical clock does not tell the time. "We want a timepiece that inspires us, and I believe this is true for the Cosmos," says Patrick Pruniaux.

2019 Cosmos in Titanium

Cosmos Infinity Edition: The New Edition

This year's Cosmos Infinity edition caseback

Both versions of the Cosmos look very different. The regular production watch has a titanium case and titanium globes. It even features luminescent ceramic applied to the continents and constellations on the two globes. This is a fantastic effect in both ambient light and darkness, as the watch comes to life. Infinity Edition dials and globes are made from onyx,omega replica watches and painted in red gold with constellations and continents. This elevates the level of craftsmanship, and gives the complication a sober and reflective mood. The Neo Bridge is located at 6 o'clock in both models. It is the sculptural bridge made of titanium with a tourbillon. Pruniaux states, "The Cosmos for me is a beautiful merger between visual poetry, and technical watchmaking."

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